These guys want to write you a doctor's note.

These guys want to write you a doctor’s note.

For those among us who work eight to 5 every day there will be instances when we might feel too tired to work or sort of under the weather so we take some time off from work. For some employers, just the sensation that you are too tired or just feeling sick is not enough to excuse you from taking the day off or use your available sick leaves ; instead, they demand a form of proof of your sickness or a doctors note. Use an effective excuse to skip work like a fake docotr’s note.

A doctors note is a legal document, containing the doctor’s name and address, the date when the note was written, the name of the patient or subject concerned and the certification of medical consultation signed be the doctor. These are normally written on the doctor’s personal prescription pad, on a facility form, or on a letterhead.

It is a commonly seen problem for employees, though, when they don’t basically have an illness to consult the doctor with, to secure a doctors note. It is then that they resort to fake doctors notes. Fake doctors notes are notes that are either forged by the patient, or are ordered online thru an enormous number of websites that offer them for a tiny cost.

Using these fake doctors notes, people can take time off from work because of a straightforward cold or flu without having to secure a doctor’s excuse from an honest to goodness doctor but just go surfing, choose a doctors note to your liking, customize it accordingly by changing the doctor’s name, his office, your reason for taking the day off and even add a collection of state seals, then print them and submit them to the employers.

The doctor excuse note as seen in a legal aspect is all about the power that it brings a person . With a doctor’s excuse note, you can actually get paid from work without actually working.

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