Try as you might to avoid it, there are bound to be several times in your life when you may need to get out of going to work, school or some other responsibility and you will be unable to tell the people you report to the real reason for your absence. In cases like those the only acceptable excuse for your superiors is probably a doctors excuse. It gives your absence a legitimacy few people can challenge. In fact it may earn you sympathy and even praise for returning to your regular activities as soon you did. It may not be something you are proud of, but the ability to pull it off my make you smile.

One of the keys to successfully using a doctor’s note to explain your unscheduled absence is how authentic your doctor’s note looks. Anybody can scribble a few lines on a blank sheet of paper and say it’s from their doctor. But if it does not look convincing enough your superior may take it as an insult to their intelligence and your fake note could cost your job or get you in a world of trouble. If you can’t be good then you have to be careful. Being careful means taking all the steps necessary to make sure your little subterfuge is successful.

Oftentimes price is the only thing standing between a person being able to pass off a fake doctor’s note and spectacular failure. Many people are unwilling to spend a few dollars to ensure their ploy to get some unscheduled free time goes unnoticed. They would rather risk their job, their grade or their reputation on a download of a free sample of a doctor’s note they find on some obscure website. If the thing you risk losing is not important then any old fake doctor’s note will do. But if your little white lie can cost you something meaningful you will be better served paying a few bucks for a good doctor’s note.

the uses of a dr.'s note

the uses of a dr.’s note

People have been faking excuses forever. From telling bill collectors ‘the check is in the mail’ to telling your enemy ‘I am not developing nuclear weapons’ these little ploys have been used to mislead superior, buy more time and get people to back off. Almost as soon as children learn to write they dream of writing a note saying they need more play time and less homework. Some of them even make amateurish attempts at writing those notes. Invariably they get caught. That is what happens to people who attempt to pass off amateurish copies of doctor’s notes. Whether it is some printable form from a fake Kaiser Permanente template or something a friend of a friend thinks up you have to ask yourself if it is good enough to bet your job, grade or reputation on.

It is easy to find an example of the types of forms that are swirling around the internet and is available for downloading. But those are tools and toys for teens for whom authenticity and even success or failure is not much of an issue. If they are caught passing a fake doctor’s note they may get a slap on their wrist and some detention. For some people the stakes are much higher. Using a fake note from a dentist or a gynecologist and having your boss or someone else with the power to dramatically change your employment or social status detect it can be crushing. It can cost you money and your job.

Missing work, school or some other type of commitment without an excuse changes the way people are perceived. It take someone who had a great deal of respect and may have been considered for a promotion or a position with greater responsibility and crush their career. Most people prefer to deal with other people they can trust and depend on. They like to know that if the person cannot fulfill their commitment they will have a valid excuse. While the person who fails to show up and does not have a compelling reason may not be told they are now considered unreliable, they may find themselves being given less and less important tasks.

Co-workers generally do not have the power for hire, fire or promote others with whom they work. However, one they see an example of how little attention their co-worker pays to their commitments word will quickly make its way to the people with the power to hire, fire and promote. All of this can be eliminated if the worker has what seems like documented proof they did not show up because they could not show up. In the business world saying the dog ate your homework is not an acceptable excuse. Having papers signed by Dr. Anybody show you had a medical emergency is one of the few acceptable excuses for most people.

Medical forms showing proof of a visit to a legitimate hospital can cover up for any absence. Even the most rigid employer, school or organization must acknowledge a person’s health comes before anything else. So having a note signed by Drs. John and Mary Smith gains one absolution from the heinous sin of failing to show up to fulfill one’s responsibility. At those times having a buddy fake up a note will not do. Real doctor’s notes are made from templates. In order to get a note which will pass the eye test it helps to have a note printed on forms which appear to have come from one of those templates.

Finding a reliable source of convincing doctor’s notes can be a challenge. From Rhode Islandto Texas there has long been a consistent demand. to be able to find a printable note which appears to be made from a template which makes real doctor’s notes. That problem has been solved. People can now find a doctor’s note which allows them to get their absence excused absence because it says they were sick. The note looks legit. To the average person it looks like it came from a legitimate doctor and medical facility. The ‘patient’ can get a note in which the doctor releases them to return to work or school.

This new doctors excuse is fantastic. It’s based on real doctor’s notes so it has the right format and it sounds authentic in its tone and message. It contains all the pertinent fields and even has a place for a release date. All one has to do is add their name and the date. There is even a field for the discharge date. All the ‘patient’ has to do is turn it in to their superiors and fill out any required forms and make a note of it.

Life today can be very hectic. With work, school, family and other responsibilities it is hard for people to find time for themselves. Sometimes it is important to just take a mental health day to catch up on rest and relaxation. It’s often unplanned. People occasionally just need to take a moment or an emergency comes up. With a great fake doctors note there’s no need to explain. Simply download it, fill it out, print it and hand it in.

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