Over the course of the last fifty years, the industrial world has been able to steadily decrease the rate of unwanted and unexpected teen pregnancy. This is largely due in part to the benefits of having our education system zero in on teaching our youth about safe sex as well as the increased access to things like condoms and birth control across all of the developed world.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing a lot of population growth in the undeveloped parts of the world and this is why we are facing an over population problem in the world. The main issue with these problems stems from the two things that we’ve managed to increase in the western world: access to birth control, and safe sex education. The use of condoms has been rising significantly since the 70’s and today almost 70% of sexually active teens respond that they do indeed always use condoms before engaging in sexual activities. We know that the number may seem high but in actuality it is problem a lot lower when it comes down to what teens do in the ‘heat of the moment’. The best that we can do is continue to educate and teach children at an early age about the dangers of having sexual intercourse unprotected before they are ready to make the decision to have a children.

Although we’ve done a good job to curtail the rise in unwanted teen pregnancies, one of the things that we have seen is a massive increase in the rise of sexually transmitted diseases among young adults and teens. Birth control does wonders for preventing babies from being incubated, but unfortunately it does nothing for herpes and HPV. We’ve actually observed that birth control use has a direct positive affect on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases primarily because it has given teenagers and adults the feeling of ‘safety’ that they won’t become pregnant or have a child. Unfortunately that feeling of safety improperly translates to a feeling of safety about not contracting any of the major diseases being spread around today. LocalSTDTest.net: sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinics.

If you’ve slept with more than two people without a condom in the United State it is estimated that you have greater than an 80% chance for coming into contact with one of the various forms or strains of HPV or the human papilloma virus. Herpes now affects one in five people in the United States and even more in some parts of Europe. These unfortunate side effects have come as a result of too much emphasis in our sexual health education on avoiding pregnancy and not enough emphasis or equal emphasis on avoiding sexually transmitted diseases. Many youth today are under the incorrect assumption that wearing a condom will protect them from diseases….. unfortunately this is simply not true. Find out more here:

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